2D 3D 4D & HD Ultrasounds

for you and your little one.
Gender determination starts at
15 weeks! 

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There are few moments in life as exciting as seeing your baby for the first time. This cutting edge technology can show highly detailed facial features as well as thumb sucking, yawning, and smiling. You can see your baby move all around, even count their fingers and toes.

Record your baby's heartbeat with one of our super soft & cuddly heartbeat animals. 



  • Gender starting 15 weeks

  • Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Ultrasounds (Can come to you)

  • 2D, 3D, 4D & HD Ultrasounds

  • Record your baby's heartbeat 

  • Heartbeat animals with baby's heartbeat

  • USB's & DVD's with video & images

  • Relaxing family friendly environment

  •  Black & White printed pictures

  • Color printed pictures

  • Ultrasound photo frames

  • Baby boutique


When To Peek At Your Baby

Weeks 15–20

 Best time to see your Baby's entire body, but the face may not be visible. Perfect time to determine your baby's gender.


Weeks 20–25

 Capture the first images of your Baby's facial features! This is also the optimal time to visualize fetal movement – i.e. your Baby moving its head, hands, arms & feet!


Weeks 25–30

 Your Baby's features are more defined & developed -- plus, see how much your Baby has grown!


Weeks 30–35

 Although your Baby is nearly full-grown & is too big to be captured in one image, your Baby can now be visualized in great detail. It's like having a "close-up" session!

* We recommend coming in at 28-32 weeks for optimal 3D/4D & HD imaging * 


* Gender Determinations start at 15 Weeks *

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